Mercy for the Single Mom

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When I founded Mercy Ministries in 1983, I had a deep burden for helping young women, including those facing an unplanned pregnancy. I still do! I remember our first-ever pregnant resident at Mercy had a truly heartbreaking story. She was just 13 years old, and pregnant with the baby of her mother’s 37-year-old boyfriend. To […]

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Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries on Joyce Meyer Show

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Nancy Alcorn continues her interview with Joyce Meyer about the vision of Mercy Ministries.

Joyce: So, Nancy Alcorn, you really have a heart to help these girls who are having what kind of problems?

Nancy: Eating disorders, drug addictions, girls who have been sexually abused, there is so much of that going on, girls who are cutting, that’s become like an epidemic that has broken out, girls with low self-esteem, girls who are suicidal and bound with depression, unplanned pregnancy – all kinds of issues, any kind of issue a girl can have. That’s pretty much what we deal with.

Joyce: Let’s talk about cutting for minute. You know, because that’s something that a lot of our viewers may even think, “What in the world are you talking about?” What do these girls do and why do they do it?

Nancy: Well there is actually, to simplify it a little bit, there is so much, its when there is so much emotional pain, so much pain on the inside. And they begin to, you know, cut themselves. And even medically and scientifically it has been proven that our body releases a temporary anesthesia that actually takes some of that pain away. So, it’s like, I hurt so bad here if I can call attention to pain in my body that it gives me a momentary relief. And it’s also tied into a lot of hate and a lot of anger and a lot of other issues. But basically, it goes to the core of how that young girl feels about herself and her life.

Joyce: And it’s one of the first things Jesus wants to give us is a new start, a new nature, His nature, and to know that we are loved and we are loved unconditionally. And so really, people can find different Band-Aids to put on their problems but I don’t think you can receive permanent help unless you receive it through Jesus Christ. Because not only does He help you recover from the pain that you had, but then you have Him living in you to help you with whatever new stuff that comes up, which we know is always abundant. Tell us a little about eating disorders. I know that’s something I didn’t hear of when I was a teenager. Now it is very prevalent and obviously no the easiest thing for some people to get over. Is that all the same issues?

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Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries on Joyce Meyer Show

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Joyce Meyer:
The stories of Mercy Ministries graduates like Amy is quite encouraging. I’m sure that you have literally hundreds and hundreds of other testimonies just like that, don’t you?

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn:
Oh, it’s phenomenal. Mercy Ministries just celebrated 25 years of ministry. We had hundreds of young ladies come in for a weekend in Nashville where Mercy Ministries celebrated with all kinds of things. We heard story after story. We got to meet girls who were happily married, girls who are in full-time ministry, girls who are career and businesswomen who are now partners with us. It’s wonderful to see that when Jesus Christ puts a new heart and a new spirit in us and He forgives us, He says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 when you are a new creation in Christ Jesus old things pass away and all things become new. I just rejoice that only in Christ can you receive that new heart and new spirit and new life.

Joyce Meyer:
Unless people get that heart change, where they’re changing from the inside out, it’s going to be a constant struggle. It’s really important to me that any person watching our program today who has any kind of a problem that we’re talking about from past wounds and hurts or rejection or abandonment or abuse or whatever that there is help for them and there is hope for them. Some of them may end up going through Mercy Ministries but even if they can’t go through Mercy Ministries, God has a program that He will send people through. He says if you see Me, you will find Me.

I found that one of the great things about helping people is that sometimes even though you can’t help them all by yourself, if you can get some other people to hook up with you, it’s amazing what we can do to help people. This is our partner week where we encourage people to come and partner with us so we can partner with you. Two really are better than one. Three makes it even better. One puts a thousand in flight, the Bible says, and two 10,000.

Do you remember when we first began to partner with Mercy Ministries, and that means that if we’re partnering with you, our partners are partnering with you. I’d just like you to encourage them and let them know how they’ve helped you.

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Mercy Ministries Offers Priscilla the Key to Freedom

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In this interview with Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Ministries graduate Priscilla tells her story.

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn: Today, Mercy Ministries is going to speak with one of our courageous graduates, Priscilla. She and I have an agreement that because of the stuff she went through, she’s happy for me to tell you what she went through. But the front end of it is too painful for her. So she’s invited me to share that part with you. And then she’s going to tell you the redeeming part.

Priscilla was born in Puerto Rico. Her birth mother was an alcoholic. She never knew who her father was. At age six she was placed in the foster care system there in Puerto Rico. At age thirteen she was adopted by an American couple. And you know, by that time you’ve got all kinds of stuff going on because all the years of abuse and everything. So it was just really hard.

At age nineteen she ran off with the first guy she got close to, and got married just to get away. Kind of like Joyce Meyer did – y’all have heard her story. But her husband wasn’t faithful to her and at age twenty-one they got a divorce. Then she started hanging out with a rougher crowd and started dating this guy who was a bouncer. She thought this guy loved her and cared about her initially. Then after she gets involved with him and they’re living together she finds out he’s a pimp. And one night she wakes up after being together.

She wakes up the next morning and she realizes she doesn’t know where she is – she’s in a warehouse with no windows, no clothes on. And there’s nine other girls just like her in this warehouse with no clothes on, being held captive. And she realized she had been drugged. And she looked down and Mr. Wonderful bouncer boyfriend had tattooed his prison number on the inside of her wrist to declare his ownership over her life. And for the next four years she was held captive against her will and made to do all kinds of unimaginable things. Yes, she was sold into sex trafficking – right here in the United Sates of America. So for the next four years she cried out, “I don’t want to live. I’d rather die than have to live like this.”

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News on Mercy Ministries

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Schermerhorn Symphony Center Hosts Mercy Ministries Benefit Concert Nashville, Tennessee, United States of America ( June 14, 2012 — Mercy Ministries announces performances by country music talents Darryl Worley and Jimmy Wayne at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center on June 18, 2012 at 7:00 pm. Tickets are on sale now and range from $16.50 to $37.00. […]

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Videos of Mercy Ministries

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Merry Mercy Nashville 2011- Graduate Testimonies Listen to these amazing Mercy graduates who shared their stories of hope and healing at the Merry Mercy Christmas Benefit in Nashville, TN   Parents Say Thank You to Mercy Ministries Staff and Donors Parents of one of our recent graduates wanted to share their gratitude for everyone who […]

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Mercy Ministries Christmas Benefit 2011 Co-chair Cherie Hammond Speech

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Cherie Hammond, the co-chair of the Merry Mercy 2011 Christmas Benefit dinner, welcomed guests and shared her heart about Mercy Ministries.

Welcome! I hope you all have enjoyed your dinner. You know it’s amazing to look out over this incredible audience. I see friends of Mercy Ministries. I see old dear friends. I see new, wonderful friends. I see family. I see new family. Thank you again for coming tonight. As an introduction to the heartbeat of our program tonight, I’d like to share with you three things that I have learned, that I’ve come to know about Mercy Ministries. And I’d like to do that in the light of a very personal story if you don’t mind for just a few minutes.

I first heard about Mercy Ministries many years ago, about ten years ago, at the church that we were attending. But I really didn’t come to know about Mercy Ministries until I was at a Joyce Meyer conference. Joyce has her annual women’s conference, and that was also probably about eight years ago. Joyce brought Nancy up on stage, and that’s when I as well as fifteen to twenty thousand other women that were sitting in the stands really got to hear about the needs of women around us and their struggles and what Mercy Ministries was doing to help change and save their lives. Well again it wasn’t until a couple years after that back in Nashville that I had the opportunity to serve and I actually accidentally came to the doors of Mercy Ministries. It was part of the Luis Palau Festival. I was part of the hospitality committee and we met at Mercy Ministries and had different committee meetings. Well the festival came and did their thing and left but then I stayed. So it gave me the opportunity to begin to work with Mercy Ministries and their corporate staff. That’s the first thing I want to share with you about the corporate staff of Mercy Ministries.

I’m involved with a lot of non-profits, especially down in Williamson County. It’s very important to me about the leadership of a group. And what I know about the staff of Mercy Ministries is that they’re very professional, high levels of integrity. They do what they say they are going to do and they are trustworthy. They are great stewards and I applaud them and I tell them that all the time.

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Mercy Ministries | Nancy Alcorn on Sowing the Seed

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Twenty-nine years ago, Nancy Alcorn founded Mercy Ministries and opened what would be the first of four residential homes for women. Since then, Mercy Ministries has helped literally thousands of young women who are struggling with eating disorders, unplanned pregnancies, substance abuse, self-harm and physical or sexual abuse to find the path to freedom in Christ. Here, Alcorn shares some of the story behind the ministry’s beginning and growth to four locations throughout the United States, as well as affiliated residences overseas.

Long before Mercy Ministries, in my beginning years of walking with God, He taught me about giving. There is no greater joy than to be able to give in a way that makes a difference in someone’s life. When I first became a Christian, I had never been taught about tithing. I heard people talk about tithing and I began asking questions. When I committed my life to Christ, I wanted to be a doer of God’s Word, I wanted to do it 100%. When I asked people about tithing they told me that it was giving the first 10% of your increase back to God. The Bible says that the tithe belongs to the Lord.

As a young Christian, I was working full time and putting myself through college and I had plenty of excuses for not being able to give, but I wanted to be a doer of God’s word. I read scriptures that said if you are willing and obedient, you will eat the good of the land. I didn’t know exactly what that meant, but it sounded good. I read a scripture in Proverbs that said the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. We need to surrender to God’s way and not our own way.

I heard testimonies of people that had incorporated giving into their lives and how they were blessed. I began to tithe. Every time I got a paycheck, I figured out 10% and wrote that as the first check. I never even considered keeping it because I knew it wasn’t mine.

When I started giving in obedience to God, I was amazed at how my needs were being met. Sometimes it would seem when I wrote that first check that the money wasn’t going to be enough for the month, but I would write that first check and then somehow I would always have enough. Sometimes just enough. As I continued to do that with a motive of wanting to give to be obedient and be able to bless others, the byproduct was that my needs were met and I was able to meet the needs of others.

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Mercy Ministries on Leading Social Networks

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Connect with Mercy Ministries on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Linkedin Connect with Mercy Ministries on Facebook Join our fan page on the world’s largest, fastest growing social network, and interact with other like minded folks. Plus, get updates, fresh content and other good stuff. Follow Mercy Ministries on Twitter Subscribe to our article feed on […]

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