Nancy Alcorn of Mercy Ministries on Joyce Meyer Show

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Nancy Alcorn continues her interview with Joyce Meyer about the vision of Mercy Ministries.

Joyce: So, Nancy Alcorn, you really have a heart to help these girls who are having what kind of problems?

Nancy: Eating disorders, drug addictions, girls who have been sexually abused, there is so much of that going on, girls who are cutting, that’s become like an epidemic that has broken out, girls with low self-esteem, girls who are suicidal and bound with depression, unplanned pregnancy – all kinds of issues, any kind of issue a girl can have. That’s pretty much what we deal with.

Joyce: Let’s talk about cutting for minute. You know, because that’s something that a lot of our viewers may even think, “What in the world are you talking about?” What do these girls do and why do they do it?

Nancy: Well there is actually, to simplify it a little bit, there is so much, its when there is so much emotional pain, so much pain on the inside. And they begin to, you know, cut themselves. And even medically and scientifically it has been proven that our body releases a temporary anesthesia that actually takes some of that pain away. So, it’s like, I hurt so bad here if I can call attention to pain in my body that it gives me a momentary relief. And it’s also tied into a lot of hate and a lot of anger and a lot of other issues. But basically, it goes to the core of how that young girl feels about herself and her life.

Joyce: And it’s one of the first things Jesus wants to give us is a new start, a new nature, His nature, and to know that we are loved and we are loved unconditionally. And so really, people can find different Band-Aids to put on their problems but I don’t think you can receive permanent help unless you receive it through Jesus Christ. Because not only does He help you recover from the pain that you had, but then you have Him living in you to help you with whatever new stuff that comes up, which we know is always abundant. Tell us a little about eating disorders. I know that’s something I didn’t hear of when I was a teenager. Now it is very prevalent and obviously no the easiest thing for some people to get over. Is that all the same issues?

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