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Joyce Meyer:
The stories of Mercy Ministries graduates like Amy is quite encouraging. I’m sure that you have literally hundreds and hundreds of other testimonies just like that, don’t you?

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn:
Oh, it’s phenomenal. Mercy Ministries just celebrated 25 years of ministry. We had hundreds of young ladies come in for a weekend in Nashville where Mercy Ministries celebrated with all kinds of things. We heard story after story. We got to meet girls who were happily married, girls who are in full-time ministry, girls who are career and businesswomen who are now partners with us. It’s wonderful to see that when Jesus Christ puts a new heart and a new spirit in us and He forgives us, He says in 2 Corinthians 5:17 when you are a new creation in Christ Jesus old things pass away and all things become new. I just rejoice that only in Christ can you receive that new heart and new spirit and new life.

Joyce Meyer:
Unless people get that heart change, where they’re changing from the inside out, it’s going to be a constant struggle. It’s really important to me that any person watching our program today who has any kind of a problem that we’re talking about from past wounds and hurts or rejection or abandonment or abuse or whatever that there is help for them and there is hope for them. Some of them may end up going through Mercy Ministries but even if they can’t go through Mercy Ministries, God has a program that He will send people through. He says if you see Me, you will find Me.

I found that one of the great things about helping people is that sometimes even though you can’t help them all by yourself, if you can get some other people to hook up with you, it’s amazing what we can do to help people. This is our partner week where we encourage people to come and partner with us so we can partner with you. Two really are better than one. Three makes it even better. One puts a thousand in flight, the Bible says, and two 10,000.

Do you remember when we first began to partner with Mercy Ministries, and that means that if we’re partnering with you, our partners are partnering with you. I’d just like you to encourage them and let them know how they’ve helped you.

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn:
Well, I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much this ministry has helped not only Mercy Ministries but so many other ministries. Mercy Ministries has been able to take in hundreds and hundreds of more girls because of Dave and Joyce Meyer and Joyce Meyer Ministries and their partnership with us. These Mercy Ministries girls have already spent hundreds of thousands of dollars, a lot of them, in treatment programs but we found out that Jesus is not about treatment; He’s about transformation. He makes us new on the inside.

So month after month, year after year, girls are walking through those doors being transformed—because, if you are giving, you support all of our homes around the world. Because I get to travel around the world to those places, I see all the other outreaches you guys support. It’s astounding to me that there are literally millions of people around the globe that are being impacted through your giving. So I’m a personal partner with you. Mercy Ministries is a partner with you. But you partner with us so when you guys give to Joyce and her ministry you are giving to Mercy Ministries; you are giving to all these other ministries around the world. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a ministry that has impacted the globe like you guys do. It’s an honor to have your partnership but it’s also an honor for Mercy Ministries to be a partner with you because that means when we partner with you, you are a part of all these millions of lives that are being changed all over the world.

Joyce Meyer:
Well thank you, Nancy. First of all, let me just say that we know that there are just hundreds and thousands of wonderful ministries all over the world that are impacting the world. I’m just grateful to get to be one of them. It adds so much to our lives when we help other people. I know full well that there are people sitting in their home today thinking, Man, I wish I could have gotten into a program like that 20 years ago. Maybe I wouldn’t be all messed up now. Or, Man, I have kids that are all messed up. What about them? What’s the point in me giving to help somebody else when my kids are in the same mess? But really, the truth is, one of the best ways to get help yourself is by reaching out and helping someone else.

The Bible teaches us about sowing and reaping. It works in every area. If I sow a smile, I’ll reap a smile. If I sow friendliness, I’ll reap friendliness. If I sow finances, I can expect God to meet my needs. But also if we just sow help, through financially giving and praying, if we just help somebody else then we can expect God to reach back and help us. It’s really kind of foolish to think you’re going to get a harvest and not do any sowing.

Before we are out of time here today I know that you are ministering to a lot of great girls but I just really feel that there are people hurting right now watching. I want you to give them a few words of encouragement about how God can and will help them if they will open up their heart.

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn:
Well, I want you to know that the Word of God says that the name of Jesus is above every name. These girls come in to Mercy Ministries and they have been told that they’re not going to make it, that they’re going to die.  An independent study was done on 400 girls that filled out forms anonymously. Ninety-three percent said they had absolutely experienced a complete and totaled transformed life as a result of going through the program. So that means that apart from Christ there is really no such thing as a changed life.

I want to tell you that the Word of God says that the name of Jesus is above every name. You may not go to a program but you can come to Jesus Christ whose name is above every name. He will meet you right where you are; He will get in the middle of your mess with you; He will heal; He will restore; He will set you free; He will be the friend that sticks closer than a brother; He will pull you out of the pit. If you ask Him to He will forgive you of everything that you’ve done; He will wash you and cleanse you and He will make you brand new. It is so exciting because that is what He does.

Joyce Meyer:
And really, just to get that started in your life is as simple as saying Jesus, help me. I want You. I need You.

Well Nancy, thank you for being on the program today. We’ll look forward to the next time we get to see you. We enjoy our partnership with Mercy Ministries.

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn:
On behalf of the girls at Mercy Ministries, thank you.

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