Mercy Ministries Offers Priscilla the Key to Freedom

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In this interview with Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn, Mercy Ministries graduate Priscilla tells her story.

Mercy Ministries Founder and President Nancy Alcorn: Today, Mercy Ministries is going to speak with one of our courageous graduates, Priscilla. She and I have an agreement that because of the stuff she went through, she’s happy for me to tell you what she went through.  But the front end of it is too painful for her.  So she’s invited me to share that part with you.  And then she’s going to tell you the redeeming part.

Priscilla was born in Puerto Rico.  Her birth mother was an alcoholic.  She never knew who her father was.  At age six she was placed in the foster care system there in Puerto Rico. At age thirteen she was adopted by an American couple.  And you know, by that time you’ve got all kinds of stuff going on because all the years of abuse and everything.  So it was just really hard.

At age nineteen she ran off with the first guy she got close to, and got married just to get away.  Kind of like Joyce Meyer did – y’all have heard her story. But her husband wasn’t faithful to her and at age twenty-one they got a divorce.  Then she started hanging out with a rougher crowd and started dating this guy who was a bouncer.  She thought this guy loved her and cared about her initially.  Then after she gets involved with him and they’re living together she finds out he’s a pimp.  And one night she wakes up after being together.

She wakes up the next morning and she realizes she doesn’t know where she is – she’s in a warehouse with no windows, no clothes on.  And there’s nine other girls just like her in this warehouse with no clothes on, being held captive.  And she realized she had been drugged.  And she looked down and Mr. Wonderful bouncer boyfriend had tattooed his prison number on the inside of her wrist to declare his ownership over her life.  And for the next four years she was held captive against her will and made to do all kinds of unimaginable things.  Yes, she was sold into sex trafficking – right here in the United Sates of America.  So for the next four years she cried out, “I don’t want to live.  I’d rather die than have to live like this.”

This key right here that I have in my pocket, she came and handed it to me yesterday.  It’s one of the most touching, moving things that anyone’s ever given me, this key.  She gave it to me yesterday and she wrote to me what it’s about: The key that you hold is the tool of freedom that brought me to the doors of Mercy Ministries.  There were guards in that warehouse.  The girls were kept in restraints.  This particular key was the key to the restraints that were on her legs and on her feet.  One night, one of the new girls that they had brought in was acting up. The guard was momentarily distracted, and somehow this key ended up on the floor.  I’ll read you her version of it: The key that you hold is the tool of freedom that brought me to the doors of Mercy Ministries.  This night is one I will never forget.  We were huddled, the girls were huddled, and for once there was only one guard.  One of the girls was wigging out.  She was practically climbing over him.  I’ve wondered if it was an invisible angel that knocked my particular key down to the floor.  I’m glad however it happened.  I took it and I unlocked my restraints.  Why I chose to keep it, I don’t know.  Maybe God had His hand in the situation.  Please keep it safe, keep it strong, and use it to confront the powers of darkness (at Mercy Ministries). 

She just handed this key to me last night after the service and gives me this word,  “I had a dream about you.  I held my key out to you and you had this look of justice in your eyes.  You took my key and suddenly there were millions of people all around you.  You went to each one of them and used my key to unlock each heart.”  That’s awesome.

The night that she got the key and unlocked her restraints, the next step was to slip out the door while the guard was distracted.  He had a blade and he realized she was getting ready to split, so he got his blade and he lunged for her.  He caught her and he bladed her all the way up.  I’ve seen the scar.  If you could see it, you could see how horrible it was.  But she managed to go.  She was bleeding profusely.  He chased her for a while and then retreated because they knew they were going to get busted for whatever.  So they backed off.  She managed to get into a convenience store and passed out from loss of blood.  And the next thing she remembers she woke up in the hospital in a hospital bed.  And I’m happy to tell you today because God is a God of justice and she was brave enough to testify because the cops were already on to this ring of traffickers that he is in prison for life.  And that’s why she feels free to tell her story. And she’s on a mission to get the captives free.  She is one of my Mercy Ministries heroes!

Priscilla: Thank you.

Nancy Alcorn: So she came into the Mercy Ministries California home, graduated from Mercy Ministries, got ahold of the Word of God and she was doing all the stuff that I was rebuking some of you for not doing.

Priscilla: And it works.  It does work.

Nancy Alcorn: Go for it.

Priscilla: Pretty much my stay at Mercy Ministries was really intense.  But the Mercy Ministries staff is amazing.  They just kept loving on me.  Verses in the Bible that Christians use a lot they were really hard for me.  Like “you were bought with a price.”  I wasn’t a big fan of that one.  Until I really started understanding what God’s plan was for my life.  And there was a verse I remember one particular night at Mercy Ministries when I was having a really hard time and I was like, “God, please give me a scripture that I know is 100% specifically for me.  I want to hear one for me.  Not ‘God so loved the world’ but I want it to be me. ‘God so loved Priscilla’ ya know.”  And I was reading in Isaiah which is funny.  And there’s a verse that says, “For this is what the Lord God says, ‘You were sold for nothing and without money you will be redeemed.’” And when I read that I was like that’s Mercy Ministries.  I’ve been to treatment centers and I’ve been through that whole thing.  And it’s like Mercy Ministries is the only place.  I was redeemed without money.  I was redeemed by God’s love because Nancy was obedient and because you guys invest your time and money into this organization.  That’s how I was redeemed.  And when I read that I was just like wow how clear cut can it get? Ya know? So I just wanted to say thank you for coming out here.  This is really a step of faith but I trust God.  And Nancy is my hero.

Nancy Alcorn: Tell them about what you got in your hand.

Priscilla: I graduated from Mercy Ministries in December of last year so I’m still pretty new and I obviously am very nervous up here.  So I carry my truth statements with me at all times.  And it’s got like different verses.

Nancy Alcorn: Here you want to show them?  She made this book and it’s got all these Scriptures in it and she has a loop on her jeans usually and she carries it around on her jeans.  And when she needs the Word, she’ll pull it out and she’ll speak it over her life.  Imagine that folks.

Priscilla: So one of the lies is I was only able to achieve freedom at Mercy Ministries because I had an entire staff at my disposable.  Now since I’m out in the real world again I will fall back into destructive behaviors.  That’s a lie.  My truth is in Isaiah 42:16.  It says, I will lead Priscilla by ways she has not known.  Along unfamiliar paths I will guide her. I will turn the darkness into light before her and make the rough places smooth.  These are the things I will do.  I will not ever forsake her.

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